Today is Critique Day!

So, I figure I have put it off long enough so I submitted two chapters from my book to one of my critique groups and I am now sitting here on pins and needles waiting to hear what people think. This is the hardest part for me as a writer so far is to actually let someone read my work. But hey, that is the point right? Since I write erotic I worry about offending a nice critiquer but I always label my writing as an erotic paranormal so hopefully they know what they are getting into. hehe.

While I wait I am reading one of my critique groups chapters and getting ready to critique her next chapter. How do you point out errors and boo boos without hurting someone’s feelings? Very carefully. You have to be honest and you have to be nice about it. Ha! Easier said than done. It doesn’t take much to make me run from a room in tears so I really don’t want to tell someone their stuff sucks or even needs a lot of rework. But, above all my insecurities or theirs, I know that being very honest will be more helpful than anything else.

Maybe before I get started I will go float around the pool for a while and mull it all over. (yeah, I am just finding excuses to avoid the hard stuff) Can you blame me? Yeah, some pool time and a margarita or two should set the mood just right.

Strawberry Margarita anyone?

How Should my shapeshifer mate with a psychic?

So, I am writing my book like crazy this week and making some real progress when I start thinking ahead to some of world building issues. I found this great place called the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina that has really inspired some of my work and now have moved on to some rules for my species. What do they have to do to make their mating official. It cant be ordinary or too complicated so I have been tossing around some different ideas. At this point I have decided that my heroine would have a birthmark on her neck that my hero would have to bite while they were making love. Probably right at the time of climax. I was trying to avoid the whole biting thing but haven’t come up with any alternatives yet.

My next topic is what do I call my group of shapeshifters. I would love to have a quirky sexy name for them. No ideas yet but it is definitely on my mind.