Saturday Snippet – Crawling Back To You

Choosing a snippet for this week wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Alpha males aren’t the greatest at groveling and Doms even less.

However, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes an intense apology is necessary. I’ve chosen a snippet from late in Tucker’s book when both characters have had to admit their mistakes. But in order to avoid spoilers I have to keep it short.

Snippet from TUCKER’S FALL:

When the doorbell rang and Tucker checked the security camera a sense of Déjà vu overcame him. She’d come.

He opened the front door and had a small box thrust in his face. “Here, I wanted to make sure I got this back to you before I left.” She stood before him dressed in form-fitting pants that hugged the

curves of her legs with a parka zipped up to her chin and the hood pulled over her hair. Her eyes were wide and she refused to look at him directly.

One glance at her and the tumble of emotions he’d been fighting for the last several days overtook him. Guilt, anger, love… They were all there and driving him insane. He’d spent the first two days obsessed with her painting, making small subtle changes that brought her to life on canvas. That had only made things worse.

“Take it, Tucker. I don’t know what else to do with it.” The soft plead in her voice unraveled the last of his reservations. How she conveyed so much sorrow in a few words he’d never know.

“I don’t want the damn necklace. I want the sub that comes with it.” He growled the words, making them sound far harsher than he’d intended.

Her hand dropped to her side and tears shimmered in her eyes, the look on her face breaking his heart in two. Tucker grabbed her jacket and pulled her to him. He had to make her forget the vile shit that had come from his mouth. She deserved so much better. If she ever decided to write a book so be it. He’d have Mason buy the fucking publishing

house and make sure it never saw the light of day.
“I’m sorry.” Two words were all he could get out before he had to

kiss her. He wound his hand behind her head and jacket, tugged her close and crushed his mouth against hers. He poured everything he felt into the one kiss. He couldn’t help it. His world had gone dark the moment he’d walked away from her, making it damned difficult to think or act straight.


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2 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet – Crawling Back To You

  1. Suzanne says:

    I have the book, have yet to read it, but I will pull it to the Must Read in my kindle. I am sure given the excerpt & Amazon blurb, it will be a hot read. Thanks for bringing back “oldies”.

  2. PansyPetal says:

    I have read the book – within a week of it’s release. Loved it and cannot wait for the next one! Thank you for sharing.

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