Big Cat Rescue

When I started writing about cougars, I did a lot of research on the gorgeous big cats to ensure I portrayed them as realistically as possible. In that research I found Big Cat Rescue, an accredited sanctuary in Tampa, Florida that is dedicated entirely to abused and abandoned big cats. They currently house over 100 lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species.

I invite you to visit their website at to learn more about their mission and how people like us can assist.

In November of 2011, I began sponsoring a leopard named Reno (he’s a breathtaking beauty). Then, in February of 2012 I finally got my chance to go to Tampa and take a tour of the sanctuary. My first, second and last impression was that Big Cat is a fabulous facility that works hard on their mission and deserves all the support they can get.

Here are a couple of photos from my visit:



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