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I’m part of a group called the Wolf Pack, and we’re doing a joint sale/giveaway – see below for all kinds of fabulous shifter romance stories you don’t want to miss!

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All the books on sale (99cents or FREE) are listed below
remember, prices can change without notice so verify before you buy!

$150 in Amazon Giftcards

Fueled by revenge, driven by need. This mating season won’t go down easy.

Wolf shifters and werewolf hunters have always been mortal enemies, but under the hungry light of the mating moon, they might be lovers too.

A young poet meets a sculptor at an art colony– and discovers his dark secret, putting her life in danger.

She’s a werewolf, and he’s a police officer–an officer determined to find out her secret.

A girl, a bear and an apocalypse – what could go wrong?

Sexy lone wolf, Rafir Caras, never wanted a pack, and he certainly never expected to form one with a broken vampire and a traumatized human.

What if your wolf picks a mate you can’t trust?

She’s on the run – into the arms of forbidden love.

This dog is about to have his day… a steamy modern take on a Sherlock Holmes classic!

Explosions, kidnappings, unveiled truths, and twisted rivalry shroud Draxton and Scarlett’s every step. Their dragons deep within are invincible.

Menage – Two Hot Weremen – One Hungry Werewoman!

A chance he never thought he’d have, comes at a price he never wanted her to pay…

It all started with a voice in her head…

The line between hunter and hunted thins, blurs, and finally shatters.

Civilized she-wolf Rielle needs roughneck Caleb to help free her primal self—before she loses her wolf side forever.

In this boxed set of sexy shifter romances, you’ll find werewolves and vampires who really take a bite out of love.

An island to himself, will loner bear-shifter Ryker open his heart to a woman on the run from her abusive spouse?

In the wilderness, love knows no bounds.

Once a fighter, always a fighter—Cahill’s determined to throw a knockout punch for the chance of a real win with the woman of his dreams.

11 new BBW shifter stories featuring USA Today and New York Times best-selling authors!

Darrell has three days to show Julia how to hit the target or she’ll be kicked out of werewolf bootcamp.

One doomed dragon. One very special woman. One destiny no one could have predicted. Will they save dragon kin or destroy it?

Rhyme’s journey to finding true love starts off with the death of a friend and she discovers one of the nine remaining men could be the murderer.

Revisit your favorite sexy wolves, irresistible bears, seductive dragons, and many other hungry alphas in steamy moments of their happily-ever-afters.

An oath bound gargoyle will risk it all for his rule breaking nymph.

How far will two shifters go to keep their mate safe?

Sometimes it takes losing it all to find what you really need. Welcome to the Wiccan Haus.





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The Secret Is Out


All NEW Southern Shifters Coming to Amazon’s KindleWorlds

Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters are coming to KindleWorlds and they will be joined by tons of characters and stories contributed by some of your favorite authors. And guess what? After the Southern Shifters World opens to the public, you could be a contributor too!

Join the Southern Shifters Kindle Worlds Public Launch FB EVENT.

Check out Eliza Gayle’s Southern Shifters Kindle World Pinterest Board

Use #SouthernShiftersKW on Twitter

Meet the authors and talk about sexy Southern Shifters, covers, teasers, excerpts, blurbs and new releases on the Southern Shifters Kindle World Facebook Group

What is KINDLE WORLDS? Read the answer HERE

Authors, interested in becoming a World contributor? Email Eliza at

Check out all of Eliza’s Southern Shifters Series Book HERE


HUGE Shifter Sale!

Latest Releases


Shiftin Dirty

In The Series
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Bringing home a human can only go two ways. All out war or death.

Robert Gage is surrounded by sex and his wolf is ready to climb the walls. He doesn’t need a mate, but he could use an outlet for his frustration. Someone to warm his bed until morning and then go on her way. He especially doesn’t need a human woman who likes to poke her adorable nose in everyone’s business. Except her scent and her curves are already messing with his head.

Sienna has about had it with the male species after her latest boyfriend leaves her behind with a stupid note and a mountain of debt. Unfortunately, the only job she can get is in a bar full of rough and scary bikers who seem to think she’s an easy lay. She’s about to teach them a ball breaking lesson when one of them growls and the other turns into a creature right out of her worst nightmare.

Now a hunk-a-licious big biker is screaming at her to run because her life depends on it. He wants to take her home where she’ll be safe. Yeah…okay.


Mason’s Rule

In The Series
Amazon Barnes & Noble Google Play Apple Kobo All Romance eBooks

Mason’s Rule is book 3 in the Purgatory Masters series, Book 1 is Tucker’s Fall, Book 2 is Levi’s Ultimatum and both are available now.

“25 chapters of alpha hero goodness culminate in an HEA you won’t soon forget. Love a damaged hero who’s also a billionaire and a Dom? Here he is…Meet Mason!” – Cat Johnson, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

“This isn’t “Fifty Shades” – this is SO much better!!!” ~ 5 stars for Purgatory Masters Book 1 from Not Now Mommy’s Reading

Mason Sinclair followed everyone else’s rules until family lies tore his life apart. Now he sets the damn rules and expects everyone to follow them. Period. But as the complex charade he calls his life begins to unravel, he meets a reporter with questionable motives and killer curves who may be the final straw.

Stuck in the past and unable to move on, Rebecca Adams sees a contract with a mysterious Dom as her one way ticket to the truth. Finally. The fact it comes with a sexy side of kink only sweetens the deal. Give that girl a pen.

Sign on the dotted line. Go wild. Kiss her guilt goodbye.

If only things went according to plan…

Sienna’s Pumpkin Doughnuts

So apparently I missed National Doughnut Day last week, but I guess better late than never. Why Doughnuts you ask? Because Sienna in Shiftin’ Dirty bakes them when she is stressed and since my shifters love sweets they are more than happy when she does. One of Sienna’s specialties is pumpkin doughnuts, which also happen to be my favorite. So I thought I’d share my favorite recipe. :) Enjoy!

ShiftindirtyPumpkindonutBaked Pumpkin Doughnuts

Combine the following ingredients in your mixing bowl:

1 1/2 cups canned pumpkin

1/2 cup veggie oil

3 large eggs

1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice

1 1/2 cups of regular sugar

1 1/2 teaspoons of baking powder

1 1/2 teaspoons of salt

Using your mixer, beat together until smooth.

Stir in 1 3/4 cups plus 2 Tablespoons of all purpose flour until again smooth.

Spray 2 standard doughnut pans with non-stick baking spray and then fill 3/4 full. For doughnut pans I use these.

Bake the doughnuts at 350 for approximately 15 to 18 minutes or until tester comes out clean.

Remove gently from pan after about 5 minutes and allow to cool. After cooling, but while they are still a little warm I mix up a baggie with cinnamon and sugar and gently toss the doughnuts inside.





What Are You Reading This Week?


Despite an intense (and I really mean insane) schedule of writing for the next two weeks, I will still be reading a book. To go without reading would make one very unhappy Eliza. So even if it’s only 15 minutes a day, I read. :)

This week it’s Sweet Dreams by Kristen Ashley.

I have to admit as much as I love Kristen Ashley books, and I really really do, when I found out this one was over 200k my heart seized.

That is a really long book and at the rate I read under deadline, it might take me a crazy long time to finish. We’ll see…

What about you? What are you reading right now?

Hold Me Close Release Giveaway

Hold Me Close was released into the wild this week and what a week it has been. To keep the party going I am hosting this new giveaway until the end of the month.

I’m giving away a really cute silver handcuff necklace, a red crystal purgatory shirt like the one Bonnie wears in Hold Me Close, a gorgeous purple leather Coach pouch that is perfect for carrying around your ereader, and I’m throwing in 2 digital copies of Power Play every time Hold Me Close gets added to 25 Goodreads shelves. (I’ll update the post here to list the Power Play winners as they happen. So check back often.)

So there are lots of chances to win!!!


Available Now

Sometimes you need to cut and run and sometimes the ties run too deep to abandon.

Bonnie’s job at Purgatory keeps her on edge in more ways than one. Every day the pain of her grief over losing her Dom threatens to consume her. Her only escape comes at the hands of the resident tattooed bad boy who likes to keep things light and loose with a variety of women. He may not be the Dom of her dreams, but he chases away the darkness if only for one night…

Dex is used to unattached submissives coming to him for a chance to feel the kiss of his flogger or the sting of his whip until they find their own Doms. With his busy life of ink and kink he likes keeping his women at arm’s length. Except one night a month when Bonnie shreds him every time she asks him to hold her close.

When an unexpected invitation to an island resort arrives, is it the answer to their problems? Or their worst nightmare?

All Romance eBooks:




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Hold Me Close – Teaser

HoldMeClose_500x750Only one more week until Hold Me Close releases and I can’t wait. I’m so excited to bring you more from Purgatory Club.

Purgatory Club Book 6 – While each Purgatory Club novella stands alone, you’ll likely enjoy reading the earlier Purgatory Club books, too.

Sometimes you need to cut and run and sometimes the ties run too deep to abandon.

Bonnie’s job at Purgatory keeps her on edge in more ways than one. Every day the pain of her grief over losing her Dom threatens to consume her. Her only escape comes at the hands of the resident tattooed  bad boy who likes to keep things light and loose with a variety of women. He may not be the Dom of her dreams, but he chases away the darkness if only for one night…

Dex is used to unattached submissives coming to him for a chance to feel the kiss of his flogger or the sting of his whip until they find their own Doms. With his busy life of ink and kink he likes keeping his women at arm’s length. Except one night a month when Bonnie shreds him every time she asks him to hold her close.

When a secret invitation to an island resort arrives, is it the answer to their problems? Or their worst nightmare?

Here’s a teaser but if you follow the link you can read the entire first chapter.

I will not look. I will not look. I will not look. Bonnie squirmed on her chair, her hands gripping the seat edge so tight her fingers were beginning to ache. The crack of a whip behind her made her heart leap into her throat. Most nights she tuned out many of the more common sounds in the club. But tonight wasn’t like most nights.

Every sound she took in felt like a touch on her needy soul. The music vibrated through her core and made her nerve-endings light up. Every moan from the play space behind her stroked across her flesh like a lover’s caress. And every strike from Dex’s whip against a bare back pushed her one step closer to the ledge she normally avoided.

Read all of Chapter One.

Master of Hearts 99 cent Deal & A Contest

Brand new this week, buy the Master of Hearts Box Set for only 99 pennies!

Buy now on Amazon

Master of Hearts 3D_1300To be claimed, taken, and possessed with the carnal skill of a consummate Dom…. Surrender to the desire to belong to a man whose hunger demands complete control of your pleasure and his own. Trust nine of the most popular authors in domination and submission romance to introduce you to the Master of Hearts in this sensual collection of stories and novelettes.

Erika Masten – – – At His Whim: His #1

Billionaire rake Adrian Knight is the master of his perfect life on the private Brazilian island of Ilha de Flor, until Chloe Bloom walks out of the arms of his lifelong rival and into his resort.

Anna Antonia – – – Sarah’s Submission: Temptation

Sarah Woods has always lived a nice, safe, and predictable life. That is until she meets tall, dark, and sexy-as-hell Devon McNeill in the erotica section of her local bookstore…

Aphrodite Hunt – – – His Indecent Proposition

How far would you go to get that promotion?

Hardworking Susan Chalmers is 29 years old, ambitious, and desperate to be promoted to Vice-President, but her hated company rival is getting an edge on her with the boss.

Then Channing Crawford – the reclusive billionaire company CEO – makes her an indecent proposition. For one week, she must submit to his every sexual command.

Terry Towers – – – The Inheritance

In order to gain her inheritance Angelica is required to live with the sexy as sin billionaire Logan Sinclair. Who is Logan and why is it so important to get to know this stranger is beyond her, but she has a month to find out?

Selena Kitt – – – Katie and the Dom

Katie has a secret wish–she wants to be a submissive. Then single, sedate, librarian Katie sees an ad on Craiglist. Her friend, Lori, tells her it’s too dangerous, and she’s right. Her first Dom, Patrick, is woefully inexperienced, but thankfully, Liam interrupts his little brother’s attempts. Liam is a true Dom, and he wants Katie, perhaps even more than she wants him.

Nicole Snow – – – Submissive’s Hard Discovery

An untouched young woman with submissive desires. A wealthy Russian visitor who needs an heir as much as he needs to dominate. What starts as a kiss in handcuffs ends with his seed deep inside her…

Adriana Hunter – – – Surrender

From the very first moment that I laid eyes on the sexy and mysterious Jake Meyers, I knew that he would change me forever. There was something dark and dangerous in those beautiful blue eyes, but I was powerless to resist. He became my obsession and I accepted every opportunity to satisfy my desperate, irresistible desire for him.

Linda Barlow – – – Color Me Blue

Hopeful that nothing worse can happen on a night when she’s been ditched in a bar, Jo accepts a ride with a hot stranger, not realizing he’s the sexy dominant she’s been flirting with online.

Eliza Gayle – – -Watch Me

Emerson wants the one man she can’t have. Her brother’s best friend. But nothing she tries gets him to notice her. Until she discovers his secret–in a sex club.


Celebrate Master of Hearts With a Contest too!

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Make Me Celebration Giveaway

We had an amazing Make Me facebook party today to celebrate the release of Make Me: 12 Tales of Dark Desire. It was so jam packed with people and prizes that I ran out of time and didn’t get to giveaway all of my prizes. 

So I decided to post a new contest here and I upped the ante to this gorgeous handmade neck corset. And it is every bit as gorgeous in real life as it is in this picture. Read to the end for how to enter to win this prize and a couple of digital copies of Power Play, the next in the series after Play With Me. (Play With Me is included in Make Me)

neck corset

In case you missed the announcement on Make Me, here is the info. 


Take a trip to the dark side with 12 books by some of the hottest names in edgy romance, including USA Today Bestselling authors CJ Roberts, Eliza Gayle, and Aleatha Romig!

Pam Godwin – Beneath the Burn
Skye Warren – Wanderlust
Claire Thompson – Enslaved
Cari Silverwood – Take Me Break Me
Annabel Joseph – Comfort Object
Aleatha Romig – Consequences
Shoshanna Evers – The Man Who Holds the Whip
Annika Martin – The Hostage Bargain
Jasmine Haynes – Take Your Pleasure
Eliza Gayle – Play With Me
Pepper Winters – Tears of Tess
CJ Roberts – Captive in the Dark

These full-length e-books would cost over $40 if purchased separately. This set will only be available for a limited time, so order your copy now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Share The Love Blog Hop


I’m so excited to be participating in the Herding Cats & Burning Soup Sharing the Love Blog Hop. This one is all about us sharing the love for others, which sounded like a fantastic idea!

So instead of me asking for you to like, follow, and stalk me, I’m sharing a few of my fantastic author friends and authors I love to read with you.

Jennifer Ashley – She writes my favorite shifter series!

Lissa Matthews – Talk about some super sexy heroes! Phew.

Skye Warren – Dark erotica that excite me!

Cat Johnson – Smoking hot cowboys!

Kit Rocha – Sexy and gritty bad boys! Yum.

I could keep going for days with this list but it would be too long for this post. :) How about you? I’d love to hear a few of your faves.

For my contest I am giving away two $5 Amazon gift cards and 1 digital copy of  BE WERE to three different winners!


a Rafflecopter giveaway
For more great opportunities to win follow the blog hop trail.

Invitation To Eden

This is your Invitation to Eden, an exciting series coming in 2014 from 27 of the biggest names in sizzling romance. Join us as we take you on an exciting adventure to Eden, where anything…and everything goes! Check back over the next few weeks as more details, cover reveals, book blurbs and excerpts appear! Are you ready for the journey?

MARCH 31: Lauren Hawkeye free series prequel

APRIL 15 : Julia Kent, Roni Loren, Avery Aster

MAY 13: Sharon Page, Suzanne Rock, Marian Tee

JUNE 17: Sara Fawkes, Eliza Gayle, Cathryn Fox

JULY 15: Carly Phillips, Erika Wilde, Daire St. Denis

AUGUST 12: Karen Erickson, Mari Carr, Adriana Hunter

SEPTEMBER 16: Lauren Hawkeye, Eden Bradley, Opal Carew

OCTOBER 14: Delilah Devlin, Kimberly Kaye Terry, Tawny Stokes

NOVEMBER 4: Steena Holmes, CC MacKenzie, Julie Kenner/J Kenner

DECEMBER 2: Joey W. Hill, RG Alexander, Sarah Castille

Insatiable Reads “Secret Santa” After Xmas Giveaway

Happy Holidays! Santa may be done for the year, but I’ve joined with some awesome romance writers to bring you the ultimate after Christmas sale!  AND we have a really spectacular and fun giveaway for you. This includes a bunch of  books on sale at a steep discount, most at 99 cents for an instant fix AND a ‘grand prize giveaway’ with gift cards and a kindle fire BUT what makes this give away different is each author is also having a special give away for their newsletter subscribers.

What does this mean for you? Every time you enter the ‘grand prize’ giveaway via Rafflecopter you’re also entering an additional giveaway. The more author newsletters you subscribe to, the more you could win.

What are they giving away? I can’t tell you! It’s a secret…as in secret Santa. The authors will tell you what their newsletter prize is when you subscribe. I do know some of them have really expensive designer goods for you. This is definitely a give away unlike any other you’ve seen before.

This sale and giveaway run from December 26-28. While most books are 99 cents, some prices differ. Check the price before you buy.


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Thankfully Naughty Hop!

Thanks so much for coming by my stop on the Thankfully Naughty Hop! I’m thrilled to have you here and hope you win some prizes.

It’s hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving here in the US. Where did the year go? Even though it has been a whirlwind, I’m very thankful for all the good that has come from a trying year. I’m especially thankful to family, friends and wonderful readers. I couldn’t do what I do without them.

It’s turned very cold here this week so I think we might end up with quite a chilly holiday. (I live in an area not know for frigid winters so it’s a bit of a surprise to already be below freezing.) Since I’m all the way across the country from my family, I’ll be joining friends next week to give thanks and eat some very yummy food.

Where ever you are, if you will be celebrate Thanksgiving next week I wish you a wonderful holiday. If you live elsewhere I still wish you a wonderful week and many great things to be thankful for.

Since we’re talking about thankful. Let me just say how thankful I am for my cover artist. She does amazing work and has the patience of a saint while working with me. Especially when I’m vague and she somehow manages to create exactly what I want as if she were in my brain. :)

SB600Thanks to her wonderful design, Submissive Beauty will be reissued this weekend with this amazing new cover. Same great story with a gorgeous new look. I loved the original cover as well, but it has become necessary to have some of my covers redesigned to meet more stringent retailer standards. (If you click on the cover it will take you to the full page with an excerpt. However, the buy links will probably not work until Saturday, Nov. 23rd)

I hope you’ve enjoyed your stop here. If so I hope you’ll consider

Joining my newsletter (at the top of the page)

Join me on Facebook

Following me on Twitter

Pin with me on Pinterest


Leave a comment and tell me what you’re thankful for this year and you’ll be entered to win an print version of Tucker’s Fall, the first book in my Purgatory Masters series!

Have a wonderful Holiday!


Don’t forget to visit the rest of the hop bloggers for more fun and prizes!


Once A Marine Always A Marine – Happy Veterans Day!!


I have to admit that this year Veterans Day is quite a bit different for me and my family. We aren’t just celebrating our past service anymore since my husband has returned to the service and joined the National Guard. In fact, this month he is preparing to leave home for four months on Thanksgiving.


He’s not headed overseas into danger this time around, but he will be gone and we still have to face quite an adjustment. Luckily, this is not our first time. Honestly, four months is nothing. When I was pregnant with our first child, he was gone for a year. For the first five years of our daughter’s life he missed every one of her birthdays because of deployments.

Not to mention, I have two books to finish in less than three months. Those months are definitely going to go by fast.

I enjoy reflecting on my time in the military this time of year though, but most of the time it’s just something I did because I really really wanted to. I know it changed me all those years ago, but only for the better. And I’m damned grateful for it. I owe the Marine Corps a lot. They gave to me as much as I gave to them.

So while I love that people thank me for my service today, much of my thoughts today are with those currently serving. My friend Cat has several close friends and consultants currently overseas enduring hardships, boredom, violence and separation. I’d like to thank them for all their hard work and sacrifice.

To the military families anxiously awaiting their loved ones return. Thank you for your sacrifice. thankasoldier

For people like Cat who go out of their way every single day to take care of many soldiers by sending them gifts, chatting with them online and generally boosting their morale. Thank you!

Don’t miss Cat’s awesome blog post A Day in the Life – a tribute to my men in uniform

Today Cat is celebrating the release of her new story, Cinderella Liberty which I was lucky enough to read in advance. You can find Cinderella Liberty in the boxed set Uniform Desires with several other military romance books for only 99 cents.

And while I don’t technically write military romance, I do incorporate military or former military characters into my stories quite often. So Cat and I have teamed up to offer readers a Veterans Day Celebration Giveaway. She’s promoting Uniformed Desires, the ultimate military romance lovers box set and I’m promoting Levi’s Ultimatum, one of my most recent veteran characters who struggles with trying to fit in without a traditional family. I love him. I love his heroine and I especially love the heroine’s daughter who sees immediately through Levi’s exterior to his heart of gold.


Go forth and have fun. And win some awesome prizes, including a Marine blue purse, paperback books and an Amazon gift card!

This giveaway has now ended! Thanks for stopping by.

HUGE Shifter Romance Bundle on Sale!

It’s the perfect time of the year to stock up on your favorite paranormal romances – SHIFTERS! And I’ve got just the deal for you.

11 sizzling hot shifter stories from some of your favorite authors, including many USA Today and NY Times Bestselling authors!






Participate in our giveaway for a chance to win amazing prizes! (scroll to the bottom for details)


Lions and tigers and bears…oh, yeah! This collection of shifter romances is guaranteed to heat up your cool autumn evenings with ten stories of curve-loving werebears, sassy werecats and, of course, everyone’s favorite: alpha werewolves. Pick up this boxed set today and get in touch with your animal side tonight — just 99¢ for a limited time!

Stories from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors Aubrey Rose, Eliza Gayle, Adriana Hunter, and Terry Towers (writing as Elixa Everett), USA Today bestselling author Tawny Taylor , #1 Paranormal author Celia Kyle, #1 Shifter Romance author Marina Maddix, Top 20 Shifter Romance author Cynthia Brint, Top 100 Romance author Aphrodite Hunt (writing as Dawn Steele), and best selling and award winning author Selena Kitt.

LAID BEAR by Marina Maddix: Curvy Bethany can’t believe her luck when her devastatingly hot neighbor Max falls for her. But his secret threatens her future…and her life.

BLIND WOLF by Aubrey Rose: A blind werewolf leading a pack of stragglers finally finds his one true mate — then realizes she’s human…

LUCAS by Eliza Gayle: An uneasy alliance, a mating call that won’t be denied, rituals that must be honored, and unrelenting enemies who will stop at nothing to get what they want. In the end, there’s really only one choice…for Lucas.

BETTER MATE THAN NEVER by Adriana Hunter: Choosing his mate should be easy until Jax discovers the one woman he can’t get out of his head is the one his pack will never accept. A human.

WHATEVER HE NEEDS HER TO BE by Elixa Everett: What would you do to win over the man of your dreams? For shapeshifter Selena, it’s simply a matter of being whatever he needs her to be.

by Tawny Taylor: Curvy city girl Abby is thrilled when a hot, naked man shows up on her cabin’s front doorstep and stokes a blaze or two, in the fireplace and in her body…until he turns into a bear…and the two of them are forced to run for their lives through the untamed Alaskan wilderness.

HE AIN’T LION by Celia Kyle: Life sucks… And then you get turned into a werelion…

by Dawn Steele: New girl in a new town, Shannon, meets two extremely gorgeous and extremely different men who are vying for her attention — but who happen to be a witch and an alpha werewolf at war with each other.

by Cynthia Brint: Fiona believes the love of her life died years ago, so how will she handle his return…and the fact that he’s no longer human?

by Julianne Reyer: A newlywed couple faces their deepest fantasies and fears as they’re thrust from their little rural community into a world of werewolf turmoil and mystery.

by Selena Kitt: Sebastian and Katie are having relationship issues when her ex shows up to complicate things, but that’s the least of their worries, because Katie is finally changing—into something not quite human.


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Take A Chance And You’ll Be Set For Fall Reading!

Happy October!

I’ve joined with an awesome group of smexy writers to bring you a contest for books and cash that will get your winter reading kicked off with a bang. You have lots of ways to enter by checking out many authors that may be new to you. I know I’m looking forward to finding some new reads.

All the details are in the rafflecopter below so have fun and come say hi on Facebook!

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Snippet Saturday – Can’t Fight This Feeling

We are on a roll this month hitting all of my favorite themes. Today’s ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ is all about friends to lovers. A HUGE favorite of mine.

If you enjoy a good friends to lover theme as well as I do, you’ll find it in several of my books including Tucker’s Fall, Displayed, Midnight Playground, and Bottom’s Up. For today’s snippet I’ve chosen Bottom’s up.

bottomsup200Jenn has been in love with Riley since college and it haunts her that she never acted on it. So when a job opportunity comes up that could put her in Riley’s path she takes a chance. When she meets up with him at his condo she does what any curious girl does, she goes snooping and finds a book on BDSM.


Her finger rubbed the edge of the pages and, after a quick glance over her shoulder, she opened the book. The table of contents laid out all the intriguing chapters, but a red paper stuck in the middle of the book caught her eye. She flipped quickly to the place it marked and found a chapter titled, Levels of Submission.

The first few pages detailed the fact that, according to the author, BSDM had many levels of both dominance and submission. She scanned the first paragraph and tried to imagine Riley reading this book. Was he a dominant? Her sex squeezed sharply, the edge of her arousal sharpening at the thought.

How would she feel if Riley did as the book instructed? Commanded her to do things…

Her dreams of Riley had always been intense with him in control of their encounters. Is this what that meant? If he ordered her to strip and get down on her knees, what would she do?

She smiled. Anything he wanted.

Inexperienced didn’t mean repressed. If her dreams and taste in reading material were anything to judge by, there was a wild woman inside her dying to get out. She just didn’t know how to let her loose.

The red paper slipped from her fingers and fluttered to the ground print side up. Jenn bent to retrieve it and noticed the bold word Purgatory emblazoned across the top of the flyer.

It was an advertisement for a local BDSM club and a recent charity event. The list of activities included spanking, flogging and so much more. Need pulsed in her body from her straining nipples to her pulsing clit. Oh God, she needed Riley. She wanted to know more, learn from him what this was all about.

“I’d say your curiosity just saved us about an hour’s worth of awkward conversation.”

She dropped the book and whirled around, the paper still grasped between her fingers. “I-I uh—”

“Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed, Jenn. I’d planned to find a way to tell you tonight. To explain my life to you.”

His life? She couldn’t speak with the lump that had formed in her throat. He hadn’t bothered with a shirt, and his worn jeans rode low on his hips with the button still undone. The heat inside her rose impossibly higher.

“When I moved here, I decided to explore some of what I thought was the darker side of me. A need for more in my life that nothing else had quite fulfilled.”

“And did you find it?” she whispered.

“I did. I have very strong needs, and once I’d learned how to fulfill them, I wanted to share them with the right woman.”

“A submissive.” Humiliation burned through her. She’d planned to try and make a case for them dating, and he’d already found what he needed in a submissive. Her stomach cramped with the knowledge of being too late.

“Yes, Jenn, a submissive. Someone who craves what I crave, a woman who understands a dominant’s need to control. Now, I only need to know one thing. Do you want to be that woman?”

She blinked. Her body jerked to attention.


He took a few slow steps closer. “I want you, Jenn. I always have.”

This couldn’t be happening.

“You’ve never given me even a hint that you wanted me.”

“Haven’t I? Not many men spend as much time with a woman he doesn’t crave as I did with you. But back in college, I wasn’t ready to risk the friendship. Now, I’m ready to claim the woman I want.”

“But I’m not submissive. I don’t understand.”

Riley grabbed her around the waist and hauled her against him. “Are you sure about that? Your face is flushed, your nipples are hard and I caught you reading a book about it. If I were to slide my hand underneath this little skirt of yours, would I find damp panties?” His hand teased her thigh at the edge of the fabric.

With Riley’s warm chest pressed against her, it was hard to think straight. She had him right where she’d dreamed and the last thing she wanted to do was push him away.

“I have a confession to make.” She breathed heavily. “I came here tonight hoping to find out if you had an interest in me other than as long distance friendship, but…but I—”

“Didn’t expect this.”

She nodded.

“Well, you’re here, and now, you know I’m interested. Are you curious?”

“I’ve read some of that book before,” she admitted.

Riley smiled wide. “Have you now?” He stared at her questioningly. “Well, considering you haven’t run from me screaming, I’d say you’re more than interested. So…you’re here and I’m here and we have two days before you have to leave, so let’s have some fun and see where it goes. But before you agree, understand that I will command you, I will ask you to do things that are outside of your comfort zone and I will give you more pleasure than you can imagine.”


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Snippet Saturday – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Today’s theme for snippet saturday reminds me how much I love a good reunion among lovers. It’s so much fun to write.

NEWMalcolm200Especially with shifters. (Plus I just happen to have shifters on the brain right now.) In Malcolm, the story opens with Malcolm hunting an intruder in his house. In the case of shifters it doesn’t take them long to pick up a familiar scent and he knows exactly who’s come after him. I can’t reveal much about their relationship without getting all spoilery so I’ll just have to leave you with this.


“Looking for me?”

He whirled at the sultry voice behind him in time for her to deliver a kick to his stomach, catching him off balance and sending him flying backward to sprawl on the floor. Air whooshed from his lungs and his head cracked against the hard floors. Pain exploded in his head, little shards of sharp, burning sensations that took hold for several long seconds before clearing.

Stunned that she’d snuck up on him, he groped for his bearings. The little minx took full advantage of his delay and pounced on top of him, straddling his legs with her own. He didn’t even see the knife until she had it pressed to his throat and dangerously close to his jugular.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

Malcolm slowly dragged the air back into his lungs and wondered what kind of crazy bitch she’d turned into. The power emanating from her came soaked in strength without even a whiff of fear. For a second or two, he felt frozen in time. This woman looked nothing like the Chey he remembered. This woman had obviously trained and his instincts screamed she would not be an easy fight. Interesting.

Her white blonde hair was tied up in a braid but a few strands had come loose and curled around her face. His fingers itched to brush them from her cheeks. With the anger in her eyes and the stern shape of her mouth, she reminded him more of the women from his clan than ever. In an act of aggression, she bore resemblance to the cougar more than ever.

“My tongue’s just fine, Chey. Want to find out?”

The look in her blazing eyes flared hot, shining in the moonlight as she speared him with her gaze. Electrifying pools of blue that a man could easily get lost in. All but a few shifters had green eyes and he’d only heard of one kind that had blue. He curled his lip at the memory.

The elusive white cougars.

Half-breeds that no clan wanted except for their dirty work. While he and his brothers carried out death sentences in accordance with the laws and traditions of their councils, her kind had trained for a different kind of mission. They’d become mercenaries available to the highest bidder. They used methods of stealth that he and his brothers rarely bothered with. They didn’t need to.

“In your dreams, Malcolm.”

Over the years he’d allowed his perception of her to soften. Maybe she was different. Obviously not, considering the position he now found himself in. There was nothing soft about the blade cutting into his skin, or the strength in which she pinned him with her free hand. Obviously the only emotion she’d developed outside her family was anger. It probably made her missions easier.

He growled warningly. “Then get the hell off me.”

“Or what?”


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