15 thoughts on “Books By Series

  1. Annie Hubbard says:

    I absolutely love your Purgatory Club & Masters Series! I can’t wait for Gabe’s Obsession. Will you have other books that will tie into either of these series like Pleasure Playground series? And will there be any more Pleasure Playground books like a book about Tammy?

  2. paula says:

    I loved White Cougar Christmas. Please tell me there’s more to the story for Nick I and Dean! I’ve looked everywhere but can’t find more about them!

  3. Esther says:

    I know that some readers haven’t given the Southen Shifters great ratings, but I just love the series. I’m so turned on by all those shifters….wolves, cougars and bear too….I loved the latest “Bear Naked Truth” and cannot wait for Bhric’s book…I’m sure its with Marly. Loved the begininng with the cougars.

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