Tucker’s Fall


“A great weaving of delightfully wicked BDSM scenes, with a story that gets out of the bedroom too. Side characters who you want to learn more about, along with a mystery that will have me grabbing the next book in the series.” ~Delighted Reader

“This isn’t “Fifty Shades” – this is SO much better!!! The author uses so much detail in her story that you actually feel like you’re the characters. The character development is incredible and I’m so thrilled with this story.” ~ Not now… Mommy’s Reading

Behind the Book with Eliza

In chapter one we meet Maggie attempting to drive through a snow storm to get home. While I do not write myself as the heroines in my books, because I truly do write fiction, 0ften the heroine or hero may end up with one of my strange little quirks. In Maggie’s case, it is her utter inability to ever drive in snow. Poor thing. Like me, every time she has ever attempted to maneuver a car through the white stuff she has crashed a car. I’m not kidding. Every single time. In my case, I am now forbidden by my husband and family to EVER drive in snow. I can’t blame them. It gets old when I keep bumping into trees or other cars. Nope. Not even gonna try it anymore. Good thing I don’t live in a snowy climate. :)  This scene was by far the easiest to write in the whole book because I wrote it from experience. I remember well the feeling of moving in slow motion as I was helpless to stop my car from crashing into another. Or the relief I felt the moment the black SUV stopped to help me. Of course, my savior came in the form of my husband scowling at me for again wrecking the car in an inch of snow instead of a sexy Dom itching to get his hands on me. lol Although… Nah, just kidding. :)


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An Excerpt From: Tucker’s Fall

Copyright © Eliza Gayle, 2013

All Rights Reserved, Gypsy Ink Books

Tucker Lewis stared into the crowd and wondered when it would all end. He tightened his grip on the shot of Jameson and brought the glass to his lips. Across the bar and generous play space, fake smoke, dancers in chains, and throngs of half-naked partiers filled the club. The intense edge of the Lords of Acid music and the occasional scream of a submissive from the far side of the room fit right in with his dark mood. For better or worse this was the place he’d needed to be tonight.

The Purgatory club had come to be in a different life for him and the longer he sat here watching the scene around him; the less he believed he belonged. Of course his self-imposed exile hadn’t helped much. He’d been riding high on life on borrowed time and didn’t even know it. All it took was a simple house fire to bring his world crashing down.

“Wow, as I live and breath. Is that you, Tuck?”

Yanked from his mournful thoughts, Tucker focused on the man standing in front of him. Tall and imposing, he wore black leather that emphasized a gleaming baldhead that drew women of all ages. It didn’t surprise him that his old friend from better days and one of the best damn rope riggers on the planet stood there with a smug grin.

“Fuck you, Leo.”

“C’mon, Tucker. You know I’m not your type. But maybe this one is.” Leo tugged on a leash he’d been holding and a very pretty redhead cautiously stepped out from behind him. Even with her eyes cast down, it didn’t take much for Tucker to recognize her nervousness. Her hands intertwined with each other repeatedly as she shifted her weight from foot to foot.

Long, red hair brushed the tops of ample breasts that were barely hidden by a thin, black nightie that stopped before her thighs began. But it was the thick leather collar at her neck, branded with two names that stood out to him.

“I see things have changed for you since I last visited.”

“Tends to happen when you disappear from the face of the Earth.” Leo clapped his shoulder and took a seat on the bench next to him and his lovely submissive went to her knees on the floor at Leo’s feet.

Tucker tried to ignore the slight pang inside him. It had been a long time since a submissive had caught his eye but that didn’t mean the desire to have one of his own had completely disappeared.

“Will you introduce me to your lovely?”

Leo beamed. “Katie, say hello to Master Tucker. He’s an old friend of mine.”

With what looked like some reluctance, the little subbie lifted her head and met his gaze. “Hello, Master Tucker. It is nice to meet you.” Immediately her eyes lowered back to the floor.

“You’ll have to excuse Katie this evening. She’s had a tough time with her commitments lately so Quinn and I have decided to devote this entire week to her correction.” Leo stroked his pet’s hair and brushed her cheek when she turned toward him.

The pang inside him clamored louder. The affection between Master and submissive was so obvious it was difficult for Tucker not to experience some degree of jealousy, although settling down had never been in his previous plans. “No need to excuse her. I completely understand.” Maybe it was time to get back into the scene. He could meet a willing submissive here at the club and work out some of the kinks that had plagued his art this week.

“You thinking about rejoining us? Maybe some play tonight?”

Tucker shrugged, amazed Leo had read his mind. Tucker’s body warred with his mind for control. Part of him definitely needed to move on, but the other—well, he wasn’t so sure.

“I’d be happy to offer Katie for service tonight. I think it would do her some good. She needs to get her head in the right place for everything she will be put through this week. What do you say?”

Tucker considered the offer while staring at the top of the pretty sub’s head. She’d not uttered a word or made a move except for the tiny shudder he’d detected along her shoulder line when Leo offered her services. She impressed him and that wasn’t an easy thing to do these days.

He stood from his seat and positioned himself legs apart in front of Katie. Leaning down he cupped her chin and titled her head back until her gaze met his. “I have a feeling I would enjoy your service very much.”

She swallowed before a small smile tilted her lips. Whatever trouble she’d been having it was obvious how much she needed whatever Leo wanted to give her.

“It would be my pleasure, Sir.”

A part of him really wanted to enjoy Katie. To take part in her discipline and let go of some of the stress he’d endured lately. His self-imposed exile needed to come to an end. He wasn’t his father’s son anymore. Unfortunately, his body had a mind of its own and wouldn’t cooperate like he wanted it to. Flashes of another lovely lady filled his head. A woman he’d not actually laid eyes on in over fifteen years. Maggie Cisco. Professor. Newly single. Closeted submissive.

While he couldn’t actually confirm the submissive part yet, his gut told him the truth. She’d been studying BDSM for so long there was no doubt in his mind there was a hidden ache behind her research. And he refused to entertain the alternative of her being a top. That didn’t match the Maggie he knew from high school at all. Sure, people changed. He certainly had, but the fundamental core of who you are and what you need on a cellular level doesn’t change in adulthood.

He’d bet every last dollar that Maggie possessed the heart of a true submissive, longing to take her place at her Master’s side and he’d waited her out long enough. Her reappearance eight weeks ago had sparked more than gossip. Something inside him akin to hunger had unfurled and dug in with razor sharp claws and refused to let go. His recovery had taken a very long time. Too long. Now he needed to rejoin the world, engage in a healthy if somewhat temporary relationship and he’d chosen Maggie to do it with. She didn’t know it yet, but he was coming for her.