Vampire Awakening

The truth may set her free but there’s no guarantee she’ll recover.

Abby Douglas has lived in the dark for six months. Until a mysterious package and a voice in a dream spark a chain of events she didn’t see coming. To futher complicate matters, a lethally stunning stranger walks into her life and awakens erotic needs inside her that run deep. Now she has to decide how much she’ll give up to unlock her memories.

Caleb Barrett, a vampire on a mission, pursues Abby while on the hunt for a homicidal vampire. Instead he’s captured by a silken voice and haunting eyes that stir an insatiable hunger. An instant connection is forged and Caleb marks her as his own with no intention of letting her go. When she runs from him all bets are off and this dead sexy cowboy will do whatever it takes to find out what secrets her mind harbors before it’s too late. Rules or no rules.

Suddenly being careful what you wish for is more than just another cliché, it’s life or death.

This books contains one sexy as sin, motorcycle riding, black leather wearing vampire with a two track mind. Sex and blood.

Please note: This book was previously published as Awaken and has been revised and re-edited for re-release.



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An Excerpt From: Vampire Awakening

Copyright © Eliza Gayle, 2012

All Rights Reserved, Gypsy Ink Books

For six months now, Abby Douglas had been living in the dark. No memories, no friends and no family. Until today. She placed the lone photograph on the table in front of her, the image haunting her. The woman depicted in the image had her eyes. The same haunting violet eyes Abby saw every morning in the mirror. Except it wasn’t her. The hair was a dark, rich red and the woman’s nose was thin and narrow giving her a more elegant and timeless appearance. Abby’s finger grazed the edge of the photo, her eyes closed, sparking the voice in her head that had begun to taunt her.

Awaken. It’s time to wake up, my sweet.

“Abby, you gonna take care of your table over there sometime tonight?” Barb’s smoke-roughened voice pierced through her thoughts. She blinked up at the woman, momentarily dazed. “You okay, Abby?”

Abby shook her head to clear her thoughts, erasing the mysterious voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” She grabbed up the photo and thrust it back into the unmarked envelope. It had arrived in the mail this afternoon with no return address, no letter inside or any other indication of who’d sent it. The only clue was a postmark from Tennessee. A long way from small town Georgia.

“Well, your break’s been over for ten minutes and those fellas over there are getting antsy for some drinks, shug.”

Abby glanced over to her section at the four cowboys waiting on her at table number six. She recognized three of them as her regulars. She couldn’t help but smile. Those men came in nearly every night, sitting at the same table, always trying to convince her to join them, one or the other asking her out on a date and generally giving her a hard time. The fourth man she couldn’t be sure about, as he had his back to her.

“Sorry, Barb, I lost track of time. I’m on my way over there now.” She grabbed up her order tray, tucked the envelope into her apron and hurried over to the table.

“Hey guys, how’s it going tonight?” The men turned at the sound of her voice, their gazes skimming over her body in tight jeans and a black tank top and lingering in all the wrong places before eventually resting on her face. She fought to keep her eyes from rolling.

“Ooh, there she is. There’s our sweet little Abby.”

“Y’all flatter me. Now what can I get you tonight?” She turned toward Steve first, starting with him. One by one the men ordered their regular two bottles of ice cold Bud for each. She didn’t even bother writing it down.

“What about you, sir?” She faced the fourth man she still didn’t recognize.

“Sorry about that, Abby, we didn’t even introduce you. This here is Caleb Barrett, an old friend of ours from way back who just got back into town today. Caleb, this is Abby Douglas. The reason we all come in here every night.”

She guffawed. “Y’all come in here every night because this is the only bar in this tiny town and you don’t feel like driving into Savannah.” She flashed them a sweet smile before turning her attention back to the stranger. His black cowboy hat tipped as he stood for the introduction. He towered over her by a full eight inches, she guessed. At a mere five foot three she tended to notice these things first. Shoulders broad with muscles rippled beneath his shirt as he moved. This close to him the heat from his body reached for her, bringing the tantalizing scent of earth and musk to her nose. Before she got a good look at him she felt the strong thread of authority and dominance that cloaked his every move, flooding her entire body with heat.

Abby stood still, denying her instant reaction to the sight and scent of a man she didn’t know from Adam. Her mouth watered with an urge to take a bite.

Publisher: Gypsy Ink Books
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Themes: Vampires, Action/Adventure, Alpha Male
Format: eBook
Length: Novella

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“I really enjoyed this story. I loved Caleb. He is smokin’ hot!! Totally bad-ass kind of hero that completely knocks the socks off Abby.   ~ Books-n-Kisses Reviews

“If you are into vampire erotica (and you should be) you will definitely enjoy this book.” ~ Fictional Candy

“A Vampire that rides a motorcycle and wears black leather…(Oh yes…this Mama loves Caleb).” ~ Book Lovin’ Mamas