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16 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Annie Hubbard says:


    I recently decided to read all the “Invitation to Eden” books…and I just wanted to say that your “Hold me Close” book was amazing. I the characters truly came alive for me and once I am finished reading all the “Invitation to Eden” books, I intend to start reading ALL of your books.

    Thanks for writing awesome books & I look forward to reading more


  2. Angela says:

    Just wondering when Dangerous Promises & Gabe’s Obsession (hope I got them right!) will be out? Really looking forward to reading the next book in each of these series. Thanks & hope to see them soon.


  3. LindaGale says:

    Please tell me there will be more “Southern Shifters”. Can’t imagine not finding out what happens to the rest of guys in the family. Bhric, Caden, Simon….I am so hooked on the series! Thanks for sharing their stories!

  4. abbie says:

    I thought book 3 of the Devils Point wolves was supposed to be out yesterday. When will it be released?

  5. Kate says:

    I just finished reading Shiftin’ Dirty and am hoping you’ve written (or plan to write) Bhric’s story!?

  6. Taunja Parrott says:

    Please continue with the Southern Shifters series. I would like to see the stories of Bhric and Calder finished. Maybe even Greer….

    But please don’t leave us hanging…

  7. Eliza Gayle says:

    Hopefully, you have found the newer books. Greer’s story was publishing in March (Never Kiss a Wolf) and Calder’s story just published (Bear Naked Truth) and Bhric’s story will be out August 2016.

  8. Eliza Gayle says:

    Bhric’s story is not quite here. (I’ve been saving him for last) His book will be published in August 2016. But Calder’s story has just published with more Bhric in it and a huge peek on who Bhric’s mate might be.

  9. Eliza Gayle says:

    Greer’s story was published in March (Never Kiss A Wolf), Calder’s story was just published (Bear Naked Truth) and Bhric’s story is coming in August 2017.

  10. Eliza Gayle says:

    The Kindleworlds do not generally have to be read in order. Each author is writing their own stories not connected to other authors. However, some authors are writing their own series in the Kindleworld and they should be marked as to what book they are. Lissa Matthews would be a good example. She has published 3 books in the Kindleworld that are books 1, 2, and 3.

  11. Susan scully says:

    I just finished reading all the purgatory books again and was wondering about Gabes Obsession. I looked on your website and FB page but there is nothing mentioned and no indication that it is coming. I am dying to know how it all comes together.

  12. Eliza Gayle says:

    Hi Susan,

    Gabe’s book has proved very difficult. However, I am writing it albeit a little slowly. However, I will have some news soon about it including the preorder, but you’ll need to sign up for my newsletter at as all of my contemporary romance books were moved there. You won’t find much if any information about these books on my paranormal page under Eliza Gayle. You can also find me on Facebook as AuthorEMGayle. Would love to have you join me there!

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