Snippet Saturday – Lean on Me

It’s been a busy week so I’m keeping this post simple. How about a snippet from Submissive Beauty.


Gabby turned her car down Franklin Street, and her anxiety soared to an all-new level.
She’d gotten dressed per instructions and rushed out the door. A glance at the dashboard clock said ten minutes until her deadline, and she still wondered what the hell she was doing. Every possible scenario she’d imagined led to nothing but more questions.

What would Thomas do to her if she went through with this?

Surely he would touch her, but how far did he intend to push her in one night? Her mind raced with myriad possibilities as fear gripped her so tight she found herself strangling the steering wheel.

Get a grip Gabby. This is what you’ve been waiting and wishing for, isn’t it? A gamut of emotions coursed through her; fear, excitement, arousal, curiosity, and…her arms trembled…more fear. A bark of nervous laughter pressed through her lips. Angel had assured her repeatedly that nothing bad would happen to her, and that Thomas could be trusted with her

She’d learned that he held a considerable position in the community and commanded a generous amount of respect from the members of the club. Those assurances had been enough for her to get this far, but as she searched the numbers on every mailbox, she considered giving up and returning home.

No one would think less of her if she wasn’t the right type for Thomas’s unorthodox demands. Who could blame her for wanting to get to know a man before letting him dominate her? Yeah, too late for that Gabby. Whether you like it or not, he’s been dominating you since you first heard his voice. Gabby sighed.

She spied the number three hundred and ten on a black mailbox encased in brick and quickly turned to the right into the drive. A wrought iron gate stood open as if awaiting her arrival. She slowly drove beyond it and up the winding drive. The house loomed in front of her, large and old. If this was indeed Thomas’s house, he had very expensive taste. She’d guess the
stately brick home was built in the late 1800s and had been restored sometime in the last decade.

The few gaslights that were lit out front did little other than cast shadows across the footpath that led to the front door. Compared to her modest uptown townhouse she was way out of her league. She parked her car close to the walkway and strained to see through the inky darkness. No other cars were in sight. She shook her head and banned the negativity from her
mind. Just because she didn’t see any other vehicles didn’t mean they weren’t there. These houses typically had hidden garages around back.

Gabby took a deep breath and rested her forehead on the steering wheel for a minute,releasing the air one short puff at a time. If she didn’t calm down, she’d be shaking like a leaf by the time she got inside.

Get a grip, Gabby. You decided you’re going to do this so buck up already.

She stepped from the car and carefully balanced herself, wondering once again why she’d worn ridiculously high-heeled shoes. Because they’re pretty, that’s why. She walked to the front door and automatically reached for the doorbell. Lucky for her, she caught herself in mid-air seconds before she pressed it. He’d said to enter the residence unannounced and proceed instead of waiting for an invitation to come in. She struggled with her social conditioning as she complied with his directions. Nerves jumped in her belly at the thought of walking into the wrong house and finding herself in more trouble than she could handle.

She opened it noiselessly and peeked through a crack in the door, afraid someone would catch her. Just inside she spied a long narrow foyer leading to what she presumed would be the living area. Gabby crept through the door and quietly closed it behind her. She tiptoed toward the back of the house, trying not to click her heels on the hardwood floor.

The room opened up into an inviting space filled with comfortable furniture and a large screen television as the focal point. Where she’d expected expensive antique furniture, she found a comfortable space that looked lived in, especially the large overstuffed couch that dominated the center of the room.

Gabby glanced at her watch and realized she had about thirty seconds to get in place, or she’d be late. She hustled over to the coffee table, set her purse and keys down and stepped to the end of the couch as instructed. Her body curved around the large rolled end as she wiggled into place—head down, ass up. Nervous didn’t begin to describe how she felt. She took a deep breath and lifted her skirt on the exhale. Cold air swept across her naked bottom causing goose flesh to erupt across her skin.

Gabby squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to be afraid. She’d followed his instructions to the letter despite the fact she was in a strange home with her bare butt and pussy exposed to anyone who walked into the room. She prayed it would indeed be Thomas who found her.


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My first BDSM romance was my short story Submissive Secrets. It’s a bit different from how I write them now simply because over the years we writers grow in new directions the more we write, hopefully improving our craft.

I now have two BDSM series and more than a dozen titles in the genre I adore. This includes my first full length novel, Submissive Beauty. I write about fetishes that fascinate me, I explore menage relationships regularly, but more often than not you’ll notice my focus always circles back to the D/s portion of the BDSM acronym. The emotional heart of the power exchange between a consenting Dominant and submissive.

That is where my heart belongs…

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Welcome to the Hot Summer Nights Erotica Blog Hop! Where we get to talk about the sexy summer and all that entails. Big thanks to Skye Warren for hosting this fun hop. Be sure to follow the blog trail for lots of chances to win prizes and more. I’m giving away digital copies of Burned, my 4th stand alone Purgatory story that features the hottest fetish I could find, (pun intended) FIRE! **See below for the awesome grand prizes being given away**

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But first things first. Hot summer nights. Having just moved from the smoking hot south to the Pacific Northwest I know all about those hot sultry nights. Even if I have managed to find a much cooler place to live. It doesn’t take much to heat up any summer evening no matter where you live.

When it comes to sex and summer one of the things that always comes to my mind is sex in the outdoors. Whether it’s in your own backyard or you’re the especially adventurous type and enjoy sneaking in some smexy time in a more public venue.

My Purgatory series is all about fetishes and if you happen to be like Emerson in Displayed, exhibitionism is right up your alley. While her story focuses on sex in public in the safety of the Purgatory club, I’ve heard many stories of things happening in restaurants, parking lots, movie theaters, parks, cars etc. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

I’ve definitely sprinkled a scene or two of some sort of public sex in my books in the past and you can bet it will happen again. I love writing about the fearful excitement in a scene like that. Where one or both of the characters want it so bad they are willing to set aside their fear of getting caught even for a moment.

I think a scene in a wide open summer flower field with no one around at the moment would be incredibly sexy. (writing this down in my idea folder as I type. lol) The heat of the sun on your face. The gorgeous colors of summer flowers around you as your lover touches you…

Let your imagination run wild. Even if public sex isn’t your thing in real life it can be a ton of fun in fiction. :)

For a chance to win a copy of Burned (or another backlist title of your choice if you already owned Burned) leave a comment on this blog and let me know if you enjoy reading about public summer sex in your fiction.

Here’s a bit more about Burned:

Welcome back to Purgatory! A club for every fetish…

Being a fire inspector is the perfect job for a girl with a fire fetish. Ruby has come to terms with her obsession, and thanks to her part-time job as a bartender at Purgatory, she can dabble in a scene she isn’t sure she belongs in without going too far or too deep. But there’s one Dom in town who makes her burn for things she wishes she didn’t.

Zane made sure he was on the performance roster at Purgatory for charity night because Ruby would be on duty. He’s respected her wishes to stay away as long as he could, but tonight while his fire burns bright he’ll take possession of the willful beauty who has captured his heart.

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