Snippet Saturday – It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over

Today’s theme for snippet saturday reminds me how much I love a good reunion among lovers. It’s so much fun to write.

NEWMalcolm200Especially with shifters. (Plus I just happen to have shifters on the brain right now.) In Malcolm, the story opens with Malcolm hunting an intruder in his house. In the case of shifters it doesn’t take them long to pick up a familiar scent and he knows exactly who’s come after him. I can’t reveal much about their relationship without getting all spoilery so I’ll just have to leave you with this.


“Looking for me?”

He whirled at the sultry voice behind him in time for her to deliver a kick to his stomach, catching him off balance and sending him flying backward to sprawl on the floor. Air whooshed from his lungs and his head cracked against the hard floors. Pain exploded in his head, little shards of sharp, burning sensations that took hold for several long seconds before clearing.

Stunned that she’d snuck up on him, he groped for his bearings. The little minx took full advantage of his delay and pounced on top of him, straddling his legs with her own. He didn’t even see the knife until she had it pressed to his throat and dangerously close to his jugular.

“What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?”

Malcolm slowly dragged the air back into his lungs and wondered what kind of crazy bitch she’d turned into. The power emanating from her came soaked in strength without even a whiff of fear. For a second or two, he felt frozen in time. This woman looked nothing like the Chey he remembered. This woman had obviously trained and his instincts screamed she would not be an easy fight. Interesting.

Her white blonde hair was tied up in a braid but a few strands had come loose and curled around her face. His fingers itched to brush them from her cheeks. With the anger in her eyes and the stern shape of her mouth, she reminded him more of the women from his clan than ever. In an act of aggression, she bore resemblance to the cougar more than ever.

“My tongue’s just fine, Chey. Want to find out?”

The look in her blazing eyes flared hot, shining in the moonlight as she speared him with her gaze. Electrifying pools of blue that a man could easily get lost in. All but a few shifters had green eyes and he’d only heard of one kind that had blue. He curled his lip at the memory.

The elusive white cougars.

Half-breeds that no clan wanted except for their dirty work. While he and his brothers carried out death sentences in accordance with the laws and traditions of their councils, her kind had trained for a different kind of mission. They’d become mercenaries available to the highest bidder. They used methods of stealth that he and his brothers rarely bothered with. They didn’t need to.

“In your dreams, Malcolm.”

Over the years he’d allowed his perception of her to soften. Maybe she was different. Obviously not, considering the position he now found himself in. There was nothing soft about the blade cutting into his skin, or the strength in which she pinned him with her free hand. Obviously the only emotion she’d developed outside her family was anger. It probably made her missions easier.

He growled warningly. “Then get the hell off me.”

“Or what?”


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Snippet Saturday – Boys of Summer

I truly hope “Better Late Than Never” is a valid mantra because I am super late with this post today. I’ve been actually kind of horrible about getting my snippets up for a while. Bad me.

EG_Levi_FinalThis weeks theme is boys of summer and for me the boys of summer this year is all about the Purgatory Masters. So I’m going to give you a snippet about Levi from my latest release, Levi’s Ultimatum. When Levi first arrives back home the first person he encounters is not any of the main characters from the series, but instead a child whose innocence and ease with a stranger makes me think of everything that is right with the world. Let me know what you think.


Levi stepped inside Nina’s Cafe and welcomed the cool air conditioning on his burned skin. He’d given a fleeting thought to sunscreen a few states back and had never bothered to stop. Now that the road wind had disappeared, the hot and humid Carolina summer heat hit him full force. He welcomed the change in temperature and took a few slow breaths to adjust. In doing so it dawned on him he’d not been immediately tackled. In fact, there was stone cold silence surrounding him. Except…

At the far end of the counter a small girl sat on a stool scribbling on some paper in front of her. She turned his way and smiled, a big adorable grin not worthy of some stranger like him. A cloud of black curly hair surrounded her face and fell to her shoulders. She brushed a few strands out of her eyes and blew on the rest. “Come on in. My momma said if anyone came in while she was in back I should tell you to get a menu at the register and pick a seat anywhere. She’s coming right back.”

Her momma? Holy shit. Nina had a child and no one had seen fit to inform him? He felt a little weak in the knees. He grabbed the edge of the counter and steadied himself. Did that mean he had a—

“If you don’t want to sit by yourself, you can sit next to me. I’ve got extra crayons and I don’t mind sharing.”

Levi was taken aback by the adorable child offering to share her crayons with him. He’d never gotten much of a chance to spend time with any kids and yet this one made him curious. He grabbed one of the menus at the cash register and then walked to the end of the counter where she sat watching him with an innocent curiosity that pulled at him. Why the hell she wasn’t calling for her mother or running away as fast as she could shocked him. He didn’t need a mirror to know how rough he looked. To a child, he’d be downright scary.

“I’d be honored to share your crayons.” He slid onto the stool next to her and took the offered piece of paper she now held in her hand and placed it on the counter. He glanced at her paper. “What are you drawing?”

She picked up a green crayon and scribbled furiously across the bottom of her picture. “My house,” she replied.

“You live near here?”

“Uh huh. Me and Momma just stopped here on our way to the lake. She promised to take me swimming after she delivered new pies to Miss Nina. Miss Nina loves my momma’s pies. She’s got cherry, and apple and peach and everyone’s favorite Dewberry.”

Levi stopped drawing and stared at the little girl. “Did you say your mom brought pies?”

“Yeah, do you like pie? I love pie. I like the Elvis pie the best cause its got chocolate and peanut butter, but my momma didn’t make any of those today. That makes me sad. Oh and my name’s Hannah by the way. What’s yours?”

His head spun from the little girl’s rambling. She’d just given him a mouthful of information and all he could think about was the pie. Whoever her mother was, she made pie. “My name is Levi and I love pie. In fact I’m starving and I think I’ll have to just order pie. Maybe one slice of each.”

The little girl giggled. A sweet sound that made it impossible for Levi not to smile, however foreign the sensation.

“You can’t just have pie. That’s cheating. You have to eat your lunch first. My momma says so, Mr. Levi.”

“Your momma sounds like a smart lady.”

“Oh she is. She’s saving up so we can have our own pie store. Right here.” The little girl pointed to a small building next to the house she’d drawn. “She said I can work there with her and we’ll get to make pies every day. Making pie is fun. Have you ever made a pie?”

“What about school. Don’t you go?”

“Not yet.” She put down the green crayon and picked up a blue one and began drawing fluffy clouds. “I start when the summer is over. I’m going to be in kindergarten. I’m five now.”

Levi soaked in everything she told him while creating his own drawing. He couldn’t ever remember using crayons before today, although he must have at some point in his childhood. Obviously this child saw the moon and the stars in her mother, as she should. For a moment he thought of his own mother and the way she used to take care of him. A sharp stab of pain nearly sliced him in two. He slammed that door shut and forced his brain to think of other things. Better not to go there.

“You sure have a lot of tattoos. These right here remind me of momma’s tattoos.” She pointed to his right forearm and made a large circle around one section. “Except hers aren’t on her arm. They cover her private parts.”

Holy shit! Levi went light headed at the thought. All of a sudden he really wanted to meet this child’s mother.


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Saturday Snippet – Crawling Back To You

Choosing a snippet for this week wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Alpha males aren’t the greatest at groveling and Doms even less.

However, everyone makes mistakes and sometimes an intense apology is necessary. I’ve chosen a snippet from late in Tucker’s book when both characters have had to admit their mistakes. But in order to avoid spoilers I have to keep it short.

Snippet from TUCKER’S FALL:

When the doorbell rang and Tucker checked the security camera a sense of Déjà vu overcame him. She’d come.

He opened the front door and had a small box thrust in his face. “Here, I wanted to make sure I got this back to you before I left.” She stood before him dressed in form-fitting pants that hugged the

curves of her legs with a parka zipped up to her chin and the hood pulled over her hair. Her eyes were wide and she refused to look at him directly.

One glance at her and the tumble of emotions he’d been fighting for the last several days overtook him. Guilt, anger, love… They were all there and driving him insane. He’d spent the first two days obsessed with her painting, making small subtle changes that brought her to life on canvas. That had only made things worse.

“Take it, Tucker. I don’t know what else to do with it.” The soft plead in her voice unraveled the last of his reservations. How she conveyed so much sorrow in a few words he’d never know.

“I don’t want the damn necklace. I want the sub that comes with it.” He growled the words, making them sound far harsher than he’d intended.

Her hand dropped to her side and tears shimmered in her eyes, the look on her face breaking his heart in two. Tucker grabbed her jacket and pulled her to him. He had to make her forget the vile shit that had come from his mouth. She deserved so much better. If she ever decided to write a book so be it. He’d have Mason buy the fucking publishing

house and make sure it never saw the light of day.
“I’m sorry.” Two words were all he could get out before he had to

kiss her. He wound his hand behind her head and jacket, tugged her close and crushed his mouth against hers. He poured everything he felt into the one kiss. He couldn’t help it. His world had gone dark the moment he’d walked away from her, making it damned difficult to think or act straight.


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Snippet Saturday – Holding Out For A Heroine

Happy Saturday!

Sweet SubmissionI’m on deadline so this is going to be quick. A couple of years ago I wrote a sexy BDSM romance novella exclusively for All Romance eBooks. I got a lot of emails from people who wanted to be able to buy it direct at Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Well… You’re about to get your wish. I got a notification last week that Sweet Submission is about to hit both very soon. As will Frost Bitten the other exclusive novella I wrote for All Romance. I’ll be sure to announce when both are available at those outlets. In the meantime they are available at All Romance in a format for every reader.


If you haven’t yet read Sweet Submission, I hope you will soon because I am wrapping up a sequel, titled Reclaiming His Submissive that will be published in May. Hence the deadline this weekend.

So on that note, I’m leaving you with a snippet from Sweet Submission.

How far would you go with a perfect stranger? Would you answer an unsigned invitation to a BDSM club?

I had so much fun writing Harper that I couldn’t help myself from writing a sequel with the same characters. *g*


“Can I get your name, please?” The concierge had returned to his station behind the desk while she’d been single mindedly focusing on the state of her dress.

“Yes,” she cleared her throat. “Harper Allison.”

“Ah, yes, Ms. Allison. I’ve been expecting you. I have a few electronic forms for you to look over before you can be escorted to the private areas of the club.”

“Great. Can you tell me who I will be meeting?”

The concierge lifted his brow and frowned. “I’m afraid that is not part of the instructions I’ve been given.” He handed her a leather portfolio. “If you’ll read through this and then sign where indicated, you’ll be all set.”

It was Harper’s turn to frown. She reluctantly accepted the folder and opted for one of the plush chairs in the corner where she could read through whatever her anonymous date had in store for her. She opened the crisp cover and found an electronic tablet inside. With the swipe of her finger, she read through the document. Unfortunately, she found nothing specific to her. Instead she read what looked like boilerplate language detailing the rules of the club and all that entailed. There were however, express details about the safety precautions and screenings required of members along with notations regarding guests. Members were limited to a certain number of guests per year and while she was here she was to choose a safe word that could be uttered or signaled in any or all rooms of the club. These safeguards were in place to ensure a discreet and pleasurable experience for all members and guests alike.

Harper reread the safety information and rules three times, ensuring she understood every word. She’d taken a pretty big leap by coming here to meet a stranger but it didn’t mean she’d go in uneducated. Fortunately for her, it seemed the Glass Kat Supper Club took their patrons discretion and safety very seriously with attention to detail and some pretty high standards. After some of the dives she’d seen years ago it was a nice change. It was amazing what money could buy even when it came to sexual deviance.

At the end of the document she scribbled in her safeword and signed her name with the plastic wand provided. She walked back to the desk and handed the portfolio back to the concierge.

“Do you have any questions?”

“Only the one.” She reminded him.

He nodded his head. “I’ll escort you to the dining room then.” He stepped in front of her and waved to indicate she was to follow him down the corridor.

The opulence surrounding them was not lost on Harper. The place smelled so expensive the walls might as well have been papered with money. When they passed the dining room she’d worked the other night she hesitated. “Aren’t we…”

He turned and followed the direction of her gaze before shaking his head. “No, there is a smaller dining room you’ll be occupying this evening. But don’t worry. It’s fully staffed and anything you can think of is available for the asking.”

“Uh huh. Except for the name of the man I am meeting.”

The concierge ignored her statement and continued toward the end of the hall. The sudden eerie silence surrounding her made her stop and think. They’d passed several doors as well as a bank of elevators and had yet to hear a sound not of their own making. She moved closer to one of the doors and placed her ear against it.


A fresh sliver of fear worked over her. Despite the appearance of money and safety, doubts crept into her mind. Dare or not, coming here had been a pretty impulsive decision. Yet, the idea of getting her life back on track in the direction of her choosing appealed more than she’d expected. It had been so long since a man had touched her in anything but a functional way. Her husband had forced her to set aside all of her submissive needs for the vanilla life he expected. Now she had a chance to start over—with her rules.

“Every room is soundproofed, Harper.” She jumped at the unfamiliar voice directly behind her and whirled to face the stranger.

The rugged face behind her took her by surprise. Piercing blue eyes stared back at her, halting her breath. Thick, dark hair surrounded his face. A strong jaw, slightly crooked nose and a chin covered with the distinct growth of a five o’clock shadow screamed manly man louder than she’d ever heard. He was good-looking but not handsome. In fact the first word that popped into her head was strong. A thought that sent chills racing up and down her spine.

But it was his wide mouth that really caught her attention. The slight curve of a half-smile threatened to melt her to a puddle of goo, right there on the very expensive floor.

“I—uh—” She couldn’t think straight with him staring at her like she’d just become the main course at an all you-can-eat buffet. She had half a mind to look down and see if somehow she’d lost her clothes. She felt that naked in front of him.

“You’re late.” He did not sound angry or ask a question so Harper simply bowed her head in acknowledgement. Even though she had a legitimate work reason for being tardy, she’d never been one to make excuses for anything. “Where is your rose?”

Harper cringed at the question. She’d debated all day long how to handle this. At the last minute she’d decided not to bring it with her. “I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know you.”

“That’s a shame really. I had such plans for you and your rose this evening. If we proceed then you’ll have to be punished for that later.” He must have noticed the way her face fell at his words. He cupped her chin and forced her to once again to meet his gaze. “I do however, find you quite brave for agreeing to come tonight.” He stepped closer, filling her personal space with his broad body. He towered several inches over her own five eight frame. “I couldn’t help but notice you here last week. The way you reacted to the different scenes taking place at the collaring ceremony. I suspect you aren’t unfamiliar with the lifestyle.”

“No,” she whispered.

“In fact, you seemed particularly interested in the ménage play the newly collared sub was engaged in.”

Her eyes grew wide.

“You didn’t know anyone watched you as closely as you watched them did you?”

Harper shook her head. Horrified that she’d been so easy to read.

“Don’t worry. It’s a very common fantasy. The question is… What are you willing to be—willing to do—in order to meet those longings I spied on your face that day?”

Harper swallowed thickly. Staring into this man’s face and listening to his deep commanding tone made her want to drop to her knees and offer herself up to his pleasure. In this day and age of enlightened sexuality what did it matter?

“I don’t know what to say.”

His lips curved into that delectable half smile again. Her mind immediately imagined his lush mouth traversing every inch of her naked form. “Have you seen enough of the Kat to believe you are safe here?”

She mulled his question through her mind. Safe. That’s not exactly what she’d been thinking. Ravished maybe. Obviously this is what happened when you deprived yourself of sex for such a long time. She’d agree to just about anything. Sanity managed to penetrate her brain and she considered what little she knew. She’d created a safeword but no negotiations beyond that had occurred.

“I wont harm you if that’s what you’re worried about.”

There it was. The big giant elephant in the room. Her Fear.

“You need to decide. Do you want to join me in the private dining room and find out what path your pleasure will take or do you want to go home now. The choice is yours.”

She stared at him with feigned surprise when all she really saw were the wide shoulders and strong arms she could imagine holding her down while they fucked. Every second she spent drinking in his imposing appearance, lust built between her thighs until it became difficult to think straight. Her stomach flipped at the mere idea of fulfilling one of her longest held fantasies. Sex with a perfect stranger…


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Snippet Saturday – Emotion

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Happy Saturday Y’all!

It’s time for another Snippet Saturday and today’s theme is emotion. As much as I want to post another excerpt from Tucker’s Fall, I guess I should spread the wealth and give some of the other books some attention. :)

Today we’ll visit the Pleasure Playground series with the first book in the series, Midnight Playground. I clearly remember how intense it was writing a menage about a temperamental erotic photographer.

Here’s a snippet:


She jumped at the sound of her name. So lost in her thoughts she’d not heard Chase approach her desk. Her breath quickened and her pulse sped up from the one simple word. She lifted her lashes and looked at him through hooded eyes she prayed didn?t look guilty. Because right now she felt like a naughty girl who?d just been busted. Thank God she?d refrained from touching herself again.

“This new order. Did you talk to them when they called?”

She nodded. Mesmerized by the shade of green reflected in his gaze. In his case, eyes weren’t windows to the soul. They were the microscope that saw into her thoughts. As if somehow he’d noticed her spying on him, or that the moment he said her name, renewed arousal dampened her panties, and he damned well knew it.

“Did they say who this was for?”

“No, but I did get the impression it was for someone pretty important. The woman was quite confident that you’d be willing to fill this order as quickly as they wanted.” She tried not to fidget, but it was impossible to sit still with him looking at her with such intensity.

“That’s too bad because as intriguing as this shoot would be, I’m going to have to turn this one down.”

Damn. Even the tight frown of his lips turned her on. She’d give anything to trace the shape of his mouth, to explore every line.


“No model that fits the requirements. It’s often hard enough to find a redhead for a hard-core shoot. But a plus-size model? No way.”

“What about me? I could do it.” Eve clamped her hand over her mouth, shocked she’d blurted the offer out loud. Still, she’d made the offer, and she held her breath waiting for his response.

His eyes narrowed and he stared into her gaze. Searching for something maybe. Her neck warmed with the humiliation that crept through her.

“Come here,” he demanded gruffly.

Worried, she moved from behind the reception desk and stood in front of him. Not squirming while he looked at her from head to toe proved impossible as she shifted from one foot to the other. He went back to staring into her eyes and she found it nerve-racking to hold his gaze. Too scared to keep up the pretense, she shifted her gaze to the floor and the black patent four-inch spike heels she had on. The skirts and blouses she wore every day might shout boring, but her shoes were 100-percent hooker.

She’d learned to wear clothes that didn’t draw attention to her curves, only her cleavage, and she used her hair and shoes to further distract. Still, standing in front of Chase with the aid of extra height still left her feeling small. The top of her head might reach his chin. She’d guess he stood at least six feet three, if not taller. He simply dwarfed her. And for the first time in her life, she loved being short. It seemed to give him a sense of power over her.

“No.” The blunt word shocked her. She stood speechless and rooted to her spot while he turned and walked back to his studio. No explanation, no further discussion, just no.

She fought the tears that threatened to fall as his abrupt rejection filtered through her thoughts. Eve looked at the front door and back at the studio Chase had disappeared into. She’d made the biggest fool of herself with no rock to crawl under.

She wasn’t good enough for Chase Miller. The first tear splashed on her cheek and she ran for the exit.

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