Saturday Snippet – Author’s Choice

It’s time for another saturday snippet and this week’s theme is author’s choice.  Since Vampire Awakening just released this week, I thought I’d share an excerpt from that.

From Vampire Awakening:

Hours later, Caleb still sat at the table waiting for her. She’d delivered them drinks all night without so much as another word. She seemed afraid of him as she ran around the room avoiding eye contact at all costs. Caleb frowned. He’d barely put a thread of power into the few words they’d exchanged so her reaction shouldn’t have been that strong to him. Not that he’d been unaffected. There was something about her that had caught his eye. A familiarity he couldn’t explain. It was definitely beyond finding her simply attractive.

He watched the band setting up on stage, and wondered if he should head home. If he pushed too hard in one night he risked the chance she’d run and then where would he be? He’d give her some space and come back tomorrow.

Then he saw her walk on stage.

She’d let her hair down, and the fall of straight black silk fell nearly to her waist. She still wore the same skintight jeans that molded long, lean legs and very feminine curves, the jeans he imagined peeling from her body as she writhed and begged for him to hurry up.

He took a sip of beer. A man couldn’t help but wonder how she’d respond to the dark nature of his thoughts. He imagined his hands

curled around her narrow waist before working his way beyond the gentle flare that led to her lushly rounded ass.

His cock lengthened, pressing tight against his zipper as images of her naked body spread out before him overtook his brain. Thoughts of soft, pale skin had his fangs descending with a surge of desire while imagining his first pierce into a creamy thigh. The flood of her essence would be like a burst of sunshine on a cold, dark night.

“Hey, Caleb buddy, you’re about to see what really brings us out to this dive night after night.” Caleb fought the urges rushing through him as he focused on his friends again. “Abby is one hell of a singer.”

Caleb looked back to the stage as Abby stepped up to the microphone. When the band started a slow melody, the crowd fell silent, waiting, every eye on the enchanting woman about to sing to them.

She swept her eyes around the room, briefly connecting with him before her lids slid shut and the first line of lyrics slipped from her ruby lips. “I’m not sure about this. I’m not sure about anything anymore. I fight to look inside.”

The dark voice from the small, beautiful woman whipped through him, heating his blood and flooding his mind with more lustful images. Images of their two bodies intertwined across blood red silk sheets. His fingers wrapped in her long hair, pulling her head back, exposing her pulse at the base of her pale throat. Her arms wrapped around his back, urging him forward. Those haunting amethyst eyes imploring him to take her as his hips surged forward, burying his cock to the hilt.

Shaking his head, he forced the all-too-real images from his mind.

“Who are you and who am I?” Her velvety voice reached for him as her eyes opened, releasing a small tear. Caleb watched the tiny drop track down her cheek. He fought the urge to run to the stage and drag her away. The compelling need to claim her came from deep within his soul.

Mine. All mine. The thought shocked him with a certainty he didn’t understand.

Caleb managed to force his gaze away from the stage to look around the room at all the people sitting enraptured as Abby crooned to them.

“If I awaken it’ll be to my sin.” Her voice called to every person in the room. Luring them to her. She had a rare gift indeed. As a vampire, he should be able to resist a mortal call. Why her? What made her different from all the many others? Why now? He tried to hold onto those questions like a lifeline but found it impossible to resist her. He turned back to face the woman of his desires, only to find her staring straight at him, focused and sure.

“Always safe in your eyes of blue. For an eternity I’d gladly face my death….”

With a start, he realized her song belonged to him. But how could that be? They’d just met. She couldn’t know what he was. As the song faded into the final chorus, he wondered about the images he’d seen. He’d felt the smooth, satiny skin of her leg wrapped around his naked hip. Her spicewood scent filled his mind with reality. Fiction? The past? Or the future….


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Vampires For Valentines Day Hop

Vampires for Valentines Giveaway Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Vampire For Valentines Day Hop. I’m really excited to be participating in this fun hop and look forward to visiting all the great blogs.

February is the month of love and what do we love more than hot, sexy, dangerous and seductive vampires? Vampires For Valentines Giveaway Hop is all about spreading our love for these supernatural creatures.

Vampires For Valentines Giveaway Hop runs from 12:01am February 10th through to 11:59pm February 16th 2012, and is hosted by Felicity Heaton (Paranormal Romance Author) and Bitten by Paranormal Romance.

The timing of this event is perfect for me as I wrap up the edits on my upcoming release Vampire Awakening coming out later this month.

In fact, I’ve only recently revealed the cover. Isn’t he sexy?

As a reader I have read and enjoyed so many incredible vampire books. Although right now the one vampire that sticks out most is from the series I am reading now. That would be Bones, from the Night Huntress series by Jeanine Frost.

How about you? Do you have a favorite vampire hero or villain for that matter?


I am giving away 3 digital copies of Vampire Awakening. To win all you have to do is leave a comment here on the blog with your email address. The contest is open internationally and ends on February 16th at 11:59 PM EST US. I will email the winner directly on the 17th.

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