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Never Kiss A Wolf

In The Series

A Southern Shifters/More Than Mated Crossover novella

Following a lead south to find a missing female shifter, Greer and Calder land in the middle of bear country. Grayslake, Georgia to be exact. Everything there seems innocent enough until their questions begin to ruffle fur and their oddball waitress at the local diner has a meltdown. Leaving Greer covered in an order of chili cheese fries and obsessed with one curvy, but clearly unstable woman.??

Lily Hale moved to the small southern town to get as far away from her bleak, Alaskan backwoods family as she could. All she wants is a little color in her life and a taste of freedom. Getting involved with a wolf shifter seems like the last thing she should do.?? Except she kissed him and now he won’t go away. She also can’t shake the feeling her life is about to implode.

Is Greer the kind of man who’d stand up to her family of savage werebears and protect her? Of maybe she can become the woman who stands on her own.?



In The Series

Devils Point Wolves #5

**This story can standalone**

Don’t mess with mama…

Creed Donovan hates being alone. Fortunately for him there is no shortage of women who like a man with a dark side and the attitude to match. He’ll never take a mate because he already has one. She just wants nothing to do with him or his kind. Except on payday at Club Diablo when she collects her cash. She struts her body seven nights a week at the pack’s club for any man with cash. And he hasn’t set foot inside since she rejected him. It wouldn’t do for pack security to be the one ripping out a man’s throat for looking the wrong way at his mate.

Dani’s life is one mistake after another. First, she’s got medical bills stacking up and needs money now, but her time as an exotic dancer has an early expiration date and it’s coming soon. Extra shifts for as long as she can get them are a no brainer. Which leads to the second issue. She’s tired of reliving the pain of her broken would-be relationship with Creed every time she steps foot on Devils Point. Add to that her feet hurt all the time and her body is no longer her friend. Especially when it aches to have Creed touch her again. She can’t deny her taste for a certain bad boy, but the past has to stay in the past. No matter how good he smells.